Thursday, March 27, 2008

Subscriber Newsletter to Launch Sunday 3/29/08

After many requests to provide more details about my thinking vis-à-vis the markets in general and individual stocks in particular, I am launching a subscriber newsletter on Sunday, March 29, 2008. Given the recent market turmoil and the considerable uncertainty about the path forward, this seems like as good a time as any to take this step.

Targeting many subject areas covered by the blog, the newsletter will focus more on market sentiment analysis and technical analysis than on broad macroeconomic issues and stock fundamentals. In truth, my investing approach includes all four elements, but I think the macroeconomic and fundamental aspects of the market are covered quite thoroughly already, whereas good information on TA and particularly market sentiment tend to be much more difficult to find.

I am planning on a minimum of two issues per week, Sunday and Wednesday, as follows:

  • The Sunday issue will provide a review of the past week and my thinking on what to watch for in the coming week. I will include my outlook on a variety of asset classes and cover new purchases and sales in three different model portfolios (Aggressive Trader, Growth, and Foreign Growth), as well as a 'stock of the week' pick. I will likely tilt toward technical analysis, charts, and market sentiment analysis, but also cover macroeconomic and fundamental issues.

  • The Wednesday issue will be more of a features-based approach, but will consistently drill down on market sentiment, charts of interest, sectors and industries, and reader questions. Right off the bat, I will be rolling out a two new market sentiment indicators, which I will highlight on Sunday and Wednesday, but will likely get more attention on Wednesday. Whereas the format and content of Sunday's issue will be similar from week to week, Wednesday's issue is meant to be more free-form.

  • In addition to the Sunday and Wednesday issues, there may be occasional special issues as market conditions warrant.

Readers can subscribe using the buttons on the upper right hand corner of the blog. Pricing is $30/month (renews automatically) or $300/year (does not renew automatically).

I encourage feedback on any aspect of the newsletter. Feel free to e-mail me at