Monday, October 6, 2008

Subscriber Newsletter Features and Portfolio Performance through September 2008

One of purposes of the subscriber newsletter blog is to provide a space in which to summarize the recent content in the newsletter and update the performance of the model portfolios that I make available to newsletter subscribers.

The newsletter continues to incorporate a number of regular weekly sections, including a market commentary, asset class outlook, market sentiment update, current investment thesis, and week in review. Features generally focus on subjects such as sector rotation, volatility, put to call ratios, market breadth, volume, and other sentiment-related issues. Some of the September features included:

  • An Overview of Capitulation
  • Using the Force Index to Measure Elements of Capitulation
  • Evaluating the Health of the Credit Markets
  • What Happens When the VIX Spikes Over 40
  • More on SPX Performance After VIX Spikes
  • VIX:VXV Ratio and VIX Futures
  • VXV Volatility as a Market Timing Signal
  • Putting Highs and Lows in Historical Perspective…and Looking Forward
  • Gold Miners Extremely Cheap Relative to the Commodity
  • SPX Has Now Pulled Back Over 50% From 2002-2007 Bull Move
  • A Conceptual Framework for Volatility Events
  • Event Volatility vs. Structural Volatility
  • The Rise of the Russian Bear
  • Extreme Stress in Asia, Particularly in South Korea

Since their launch (3/30/08 for the Focus Foreign Growth and Stock of the Week, 8/31/08 for the Focus Growth 2), the portfolios (equities only, long only) have performed as follows:

If anyone has any additional questions about the subscriber newsletter, or is interested in reviewing a sample, please feel free to email me at