Friday, March 16, 2012

Highlighting Newsletter Content Focus with Content Pyramid

I periodically receive questions about what is included in the subscriber newsletter that is not available on the blog or in EVALS (ETP Volatility Analysis Long/Short, which is essentially a model portfolio.)

In prior posts in this space I have addressed the evolution of the content in the newsletter and described the rationale behind the changes I have made, most of which were prompted by requests from readers. The most recent changes, which I detailed in December in Changes to Newsletter Place More Emphasis on VIX Exchange-Traded Products, involve a shift in emphasis in the direction of the increasingly popular VIX-based exchange-traded products such as VXX, VXZ, XIV, TVIX and the like.

As a visual learner, I have always believed that a picture is worth at least 1000 words, so to help to differentiate between what is in the blog, the newsletter and in EVALS, I have reproduced below the content pyramid that original appeared in Five Years of VIX and More on the main blog.  Note that in addition to VIX and More blog, the newsletter and EVALS, I also publish extended research and analysis pieces at Expiring Monthly:  The Option Traders Journal, the details of which I recently shared in Recent Research Projects and Expiring Monthly.

The good news is that for anyone who is unclear about what is in the newsletter and whether it will be of value to their trading, I offer a 14-day free trial (see top of right column) to the subscriber newsletter for all new subscribers.

Disclosure(s): long XIV; short VXX and TVIX at time of writing

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